Wine Clubs: The New Monthly Membership That You Need

It’s no secret that we all love a good glass of wine. Not only is wine delicious, but it also has many health benefits. Researchers from Oregon’s State College of Agriculture Studies discovered that red wine may help you lose weight and one glass can be equivalent to going to the gym. Red wine can mimic the gym and improve physical performance and muscle strength. Red wine has also been found to help lower risk of heart disease and stroke, promote a long life and protect the memory against Alzheimer’s disease.Recently, wine delivery services like wine clubs are gaining popularity. Even companies like Zagat, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times have their own wine clubs.

Wine clubs let you explore wine and taste selections from a range of different regions. They include newsletters and full-page descriptions of the wine, winemaker and region with their shipments, as well as, recipes to pair with the wine. There is a wine club for just about any type of wine drinker. Many clubs will offer discounts on reorders and also allow you to cancel your membership any time. All of them are free to join and you only pay for the wines each month. Some will even accept returns of any wine you didn’t like. Below, we are showcasing some of the more well-known and affordable wine clubs. 

Red wine pouring into wine glass, close-up

Gold Medal Wine Club

 Gold Medal Wine Club has been in the wine business for over 23 years. This club offers six different membership options that each ship two bottles monthly. Their top-end membership option called the Diamond Wine Club only allows 500 members and it includes luxury-premium wines that are rated over 93 points. Their International Wine Club includes wines from small estates around the world and comes with a gourmet food selection of the featured regions for an additional fee. The Gold Series is one of their most popular membership options, which includes monthly shipments of hard-to-find, medal-winning wines from California’s best small family-owned and operated wineries. They even have a Pinot Noir Wine Club for all of us snobby red wine drinkers out there. The Gold Medal Wine Club also offers gift sets and wine accessories for the wine lovers in our lives. The membership costs for their different club options range from $179 to $74 per shipment.

Club W

Club W is unique because instead of finding wines, they contract with wineries and growers to bottle their own wines. Members fill out a Palate Profile online and based on their preferences, they receive a monthly list of available wines to choose from. The list of featured wines is always changing allowing members to taste new wines every month. These wines are only sold through Club W and cannot be found anywhere else in retail. This club offers affordable prices with wines starting at $13.The basic club membership gives members three bottles of wine for $39 plus a $6 shipping fee. Shipping is free with orders of six bottles or more. Club W has also partnered with Give Wine for curated gift boxes. Membership is free and you can skip or cancel a shipment whenever. Members can also return any wines they did not like for their money back.

 Tasting Room by Lot 18

 This wine club is ideal for beginners because it allows members to taste six sample-sized wine bottles in order to help them determine their preferences. These tasting kits start at $9.95. Wines are then selected for shipment based on members’ preferences of these mini samples. The Tasting Room also allows members to reorder bottles of a particular wine that they liked through a section of their website called Bottle Shop. Shipments are delivered quarterly and one case runs $149 with a $19.99 shipping fee.

Closeup of a wall of used wine corks. A random selection of use wine corks, some with vintage years. Horizontal format that fills the frame.

Wine of the Month

 This wine club was started in 1972, making it the oldest wine-order mail club in the nation. The Wine of the Month club is another great option for beginners who are wanting to learn more. Each month, the founder and current owner tastes over 400 wines from around the world and selects two of the best for their wine monthly shipment. They have five different membership categories. This club also offers to refund your money so you never pay for a wine that you don’t like. In addition, they provide discounts for recent Wine of the Month club favorites. The membership tiers range from $21.95 to $41.95 with a shipping cost of $9.75.

Plonk Wine Club

 Memberships for this club are prepaid and non-refundable for three, six or twelve months. Plonk does offer its members a 100% money-back guarantee on any wines they don’t like. There are three wine club options, which include mixed, red and white and they all start at $49.99. The shipments include two, four or 12 bottles (case). When customers renew their membership, Plonk delivers a free bottle a wine with the next scheduled delivery. This club also offers members 16% discount for all case reorders, as well as free shipping. They also have a 10% discount for reorders that are less than a case. Lastly, Plonk offers wine club options as gifts for specific occasions like weddings, holidays and retirements.

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Uncorked Venture

This club launched in 2010 and it specializes in wines only from California, Oregon and Washington’s best wine producers. Uncorked Venture offers 2-3 bottles of wine in each shipment. This wine club has three membership options ranging from $40 to $195 per month. They also offer a 15% discount on all wine club reorders and a money back guarantee.


 Bonus: Blue Apron Wine

The popular meal kit delivery service Blue Apron has taken notice of the competitive wine club industry and has expanded its service into wine delivery. They recently launched Blue Apron Wine, which is currently only available to Blue Apron customers. Blue Apron Wine delivers bottles of wine that are designed to be paired with specific meal selections each month. Members can skip or cancel any delivery without penalty. The monthly delivery includes six 500 ml bottles of wine for $65.99 a month.

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