Update Your Curb Appeal

Feel like your house needs something different? All the other houses on the block are looking a little bit more manicured than yours or have their own uniqueness? Add some quick and easy curb appeal to your home. Here are some easy and budget friendly things you can add to the outside of your home to give it a little character.

new luxury home with elegant touches including covered entrance, columns

new luxury home with elegant touches including covered entrance, columns

Paint the front door

Go bold and pick a teal blue or even red. In Feng Sui, a red door symbolizes the mouth of the home allowing chi to be drawn into the house. Red is also an auspicious, attractive color choice. It’s vibrant color attracts color, and the attention can bring fame and prosperity.

Upgrade your mailbox

Even if you have a regular mailbox out by the road or if you have a mailbox mounted to your house. Adding a new mailbox can add curb appeal. You can find a new mailbox for about $20.

Light the Way

Illuminate the pathway that leads to your front door. Adding path lights that fit your home’s style are functional and decorative. You can purchase pathway lights from your local home improvement store, place them in a mulched area with dainty flowers, and it will create a cohesive look for your guest.

Go Bold

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for a home, and a bold color will lift spirits. This will also ensure your home is not lost in a sea of cookie-cutter houses.

House Numbers

Install new house numbers. If your home has old or faded numbers on it, purchase some new numbers! Try to match your new house numbers to the finish that is what is on your exterior light fixtures.

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