Statement Ceilings


Vintage living 3d rendering image.The Rooms have wooden floors and ceilings with white walls and arch windows. Look through the door to see the bedroom and dining room behind.

Things Are Looking Up

Say goodbye to statement walls and hello to statement ceilings. These ceilings are one of the biggest home décor trends for 2018. These ceiling designs can be created with paint, wallpaper, and or wood, to name a few techniques. Back in the 1940’s this kind of home décor became obsolete but this year statement ceilings are making a comeback.



Painting the ceiling may be the easiest and most cost-effective way to go about achieving a statement ceiling. Be aware when painting a ceiling in a small room. If you use a darker shade in a small room, it will make the room appear even smaller but if you are going for a more intimate feel this may be the right option for you.



Now wallpaper isn’t just for walls anymore! Wallpaper makes for great statement ceilings without the mess that painting can create. This technique is a great way to achieve beautiful and unique patterns and designs. Using wallpaper allows you to get more creative. You can choose from a variety of patterns, textures and colors. A popular trend is using wallpaper that looks like wood.


If you don’t want something too dramatic, you can try adding a glossy finish to your ceiling. This approach creates a reflective surface, creating an upscale and tasteful look. Be careful before deciding to go this route because if your ceiling has any imperfections, they will be magnified once the coat of gloss is applied. Adding a glossy finish creates a subtle yet intriguing look.



Regardless if your ceilings are vaulted or not, exposed beams are a practical solution for creating a statement ceiling. You can take either a modern or traditional route. If you want to go with a more modern theme, a good option is to paint the exposed beams one solid color. If you want a traditional look, a beautiful rustic wood tone would be a perfect choice. In most cases the beams become the focal point of the room, so avoid having other distracting elements in the room so they don’t compete for attention. 


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