Pop of Color In Your Kitchen

Pop of Color In Your Kitchen

3d rendering retro design fridge with blank space


The 70’s are making a comeback in 2018 when it comes to your kitchen appliances. If it is time to invest in a new appliance, give some thought to buying a bold conversation piece. If you want a change to your kitchen, swap out some of those old, boring stainless-steel appliances for something colorful. When designing a kitchen, people overlook having their appliances be the focal point of their kitchen. These colorful appliances were once only offered by select manufacturers but now more companies are producing these colorful appliances.


Big Chill capitalizes on producing bright, bold appliances. Big Chill believes that every shade tells a story and brings a different vibe to your kitchen. The colors you choose in your home, express who you are and the tone you want to set.


Pink will speak volumes about a loving and sensitive person. Pink will always be associated with love. Pink also symbolizes femininity. This is a great color for a nurturing home.



Purple represents a deeply intuitive and spiritual being. Purple also is associated with wealth and creativity. This is a great color if you want to feel inspired.



Blue is favored when it comes to a pop of color in the kitchen. Blue represents tranquility and inner peace. Blue is also associated with purification and cleanliness. Having hues of blue in your home may promote a tidier household.



Green is the color of nature. It represents growth and fertility. Green is often associated with safety.



The color yellow radiates happiness and love. Yellow is known to be the color of sunshine and will bring about energy and warmth into your home.



Orange is made of a mixture of red and yellow, therefore emitting the energy of red and the happiness of yellow. Orange is much less aggressive than red but still creates that striking effect.


Red is associated with energy and is for those most adventurous. Its bold color, full of energy. Red is known to be an appetite stimulant, that is why this color is commonly seen amongst restaurant décor.

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