January Maintenance Tips

After a period of holiday celebrations, during which a lot of your time is probably spent inside, it’s a good idea to enter the new year with a well maintained and organized home.

January Maintenance

Organize seasonal items

There’s no shame in being a little lazy during the holiday season. Decorations, wrapping paper, boxes, etc. are often left up through January. It’s not uncommon for people to keep their Christmas trees until little leaves and branches are all over the floor. To keep your home from getting cluttered, stow away your seasonal goods and have them ready for the next holiday!

Replace filters

With your HVAC system likely getting a lot of use over the holidays, January is great time to replace the filter. Dust and other contaminants can gather there quickly and seriously diminish your air quality if the filter is not replaced often enough. Other filters should be looked at as well including water filters, ice maker filters, etc.

Deep clean your kitchen

All sorts of gunk collects in your kitchen, particularly during the holiday season during which a lot of time is spent there. Make sure to clean your appliances. Don’t neglect to clean between them as well, as small bits of food can get trapped there.

Prepare for the future

Temperatures can drop terribly low in January. It’s a good idea to prepare your pipes for the cold to prevent them from cracking. Now is also a good time to make plans for a planting a garden. Make sure to wait a few weeks after temperatures return to normal. Frost can temporarily damage the soil as well as the seeds.

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