Hardwood Floor Trends of 2018

Hardwood Floor Trends of 2018

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One of my favorite flooring is the European White Oak in a wide  plank. It is the light organic look that instantly refreshes a tired space. While, this is still a look to keep. A new trend of new wood flooring is up and coming. A rich layering of mixed woods in a space helps create depth, and interest.

For 2018, people are now playing with wood tone, size, and patterns. Light colored beams and accents. Go warm on the floor with a medium tone wood. If you want to make a statement in the entry or want to separate two rooms apart, break the line of your hardwood. You can easily install a parquet flooring. Parquet flooring is hardwood flooring that is laid out out in a particular pattern. A nice pattern used to break up rooms is a herringbone pattern.

Keep it clean and bright with light tone wide planks. Laying a light colored tone of flooring will keep the space bright. Light floors also adds to the illusion of a larger room.

Warm things up with choosing a medium toned wood. In my personal opinion, dark wood floors are classy, and often seen in a lot of homes. Even though I think light colored oak is a beautiful timeless look, darker floors have a warmth that it brings to a room. If your home is all white, the contract of dark flooring would look beautiful together.

Parquet flooring is a high-end look that brings Old World European charm to a space. To run it through an entire home might be a bit expensive, or have a “busy” look. As mentioned, it is perfect to use to separate rooms.

Mixing materials is becoming more popular. In homes, people are mixing wood and cement title. I love the look of the warm natural wood paired with a cool grey title. Mixing your wood planks with cement title makes a beautiful statement.  With this option you are able to personalize your home with your own patterns.

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