Velvet is a timeless fabric that can add color and texture to your home. Its luxurious look and feel will bring your home aesthetics to the next level. You can incorporate velvet in a number of ways from pillows, curtains or a sofa. Bringing velvet into your living space may be the facelift your home needs. Here are some reasons why everyone is crushing velvet.


Mock up poster in interior with  sofa. living room modern style. 3d illustration

Because there is a velvet for every budget

Silk velvets are the most expensive since they are rare and entirely made from silk. Silk velvet is the first of all velvets, originating 4,500 years ago in China. Since Silk was high priced only people of wealth owned silk. This is where the association of velvet royal thrones and noble robes came from.
Mohair Velvet is fabric created from Angora goats. It is not only durable but luxurious as well. It is still considered a high-end fabric but is more affordable than silk velvet.
Cotton and Linen Velvet still look elevated but are much more affordable. It is the perfect combination of durable and reasonably priced. This is a great option for people who are looking for a temporary change to their home décor and don’t want to spend a pretty penny.



Because it will illuminate your room

Sofas, chaises, ottomans and pillows possess beautiful curves that capture light very well. Velvet attracts light and it will illuminate your room. Say goodbye to dull and boring because just a touch of velvet can transform a room.



Because its vibrant hues will liven up your home

Whether you want a statement piece of furniture or a small pillow, the hues of the velvet will look vivacious. It will be the perfect pop of color to add that elegant touch to your home. The alluring textures will add depth to your living space.

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