Common A/C Problems

Common A/C problems

It’s summertime and having your A/C working is essential. Here are some A/C issues to look out for this summer:

Outside Fan

Air conditioning relies on the outside fan to work properly. The outside fan carries the heat in the house to the outside air. When the fan on the outside doesn’t function, then heat transfer will not occur. When this happens, it is very possible that damage to the compressor will take place.


A common reason why your A/C may not be working is a dirty filter. A good way to determine if your filter needs to be changed is if any light passes through the filter. A dirty filter increases the chance of the AC unit freezing. Many units have a different life span for the filter ranging from a month to four months.


This issue is caused by the A/C unit being low on refrigerant which could make leaks happen. Refrigerant leaks cause the unit not to perform properly which leads to the temperature changing constantly. When this happens, it is important to get a trained technician to fix the leak and add the correct amount of refrigerant. The technician should add the amount of refrigerant that is listed in the specification, it should be exactly the same.

Drainage Issues

Every A/C unit has a drain line that overtime while become clogged. Once the unit is clogged, the drain pan will fill up with water which will leak. When it starts to leak, it could cause severe damage to the unit. A good time to check if there is drainage problems is when it is very humid outside. Humidity a lot of the time can cause the drain to clog and not drain properly.

Breakers and Fuses

The A/C unit is protected from overheating by the safeguard. The safeguard consists of the breakers and fuses. When there is an issue with the motor, the first place a technician will look at is the breaker. The compressor can also wear out due to the air conditioner turning on and off frequently. It is important to have electrical connections checked occasionally.

Frozen Coil

When there is a dirty evaporator coil it usually makes the airflow decrease which leads to the temperature dropping. After the temperature drops, the air conditioner will freeze up. This occurs when the air filter is dirty or when something is wrong with the air duct. Another cause of frozen coils is when there is low refrigerant.  As your HVAC ages, it may be time to look for a replacement.

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