6 Best Electronics for College Kids

If you have a kid going off to college, it is necessary to keep them updated with the latest and greatest technology. Many classrooms require students to be efficient in their own dorms and have access to certain programs or computers. They truly become an essential for homework and socializing. Here is a list of some of those gadgets you should consider getting.
Best Electronics for College Kids

1. Laptop

Although any computer can get the job done, it is best for college students to have full access to their own laptop. Laptops are easy to carry around to classrooms, study sessions, friends dorms, events, etc. With most laptops fitting in any backpack or bag, your student will never have trouble again when it comes to needing a computer wherever they go.


2. USB

Even though it is a small gadget in comparison, USB flash drives are absolutely essential to college. In fact, lots of teachers and professors require their students to use one. They can store as much as 128GB of information, files, music, etc. They can be taken anywhere, easily fitting into a pocket or placed on a lanyard for easy use.


3. Noise-Canceling Headphones

College can get very loud sometimes considering how many students there are on particular campuses and all the events that can be held. Getting work done can be a pain for students, even in their own dorm rooms. Noise-canceling headphones can truly be a life savior for your college student. It will help them be able to focus in on what their doing, or just relax and listen to their music or watch television without distractions.


4. Scientific and/or Graphing Calculator

Every college student is required to take math classes, and some take higher leveled math like statistics or calculus. It is crucial to their grades that they have the best technology to get them through the rigorous work. Scientific and graphing calculators provide many features like equation solving and digital graphs for students to be able to get their homework done with ease.


5. Kindle or Nook

Books can be heavy and hard to carry around on a college campus, making them an inconvenience for students. With a device like a kindle or a nook, your college student can carry around hundreds of books on a small, thin device wherever they go. They offer endless selections of all types of books with a bright screen and big words making it easy for your student to read wherever they go.


6. Phone Charging Case:

Most college students are usually always on their phones. They are truly mini computers that fit in the back of your pocket and have become a necessity in the world. Unfortunately, phone batteries don’t last forever and many students find themselves in the middle of a situation with a dead phone and no way to contact anyone. A charging case can give them up to 100% extra battery to get them through any long day or night.


College can be a super stressful time in a kids life, but helping them get the technology they need can really keep them afloat and on top of their work and social lives. Consider the above list before you send them off to college.

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