7 Steps To Make A Totally Do-able New Years Resolutions

7 Steps To Make A Totally Do-able New Years Resolutions



Every year we all make resolutions to better ourselves, or to completely change. Everyone knows those resolutions shortly fade months later, some even weeks later.

So, does a New Year really mean a new us? Psychologist say because you are thinking the flip of the calendar is enough to motivate us to ax all of our bad habits and behaviors is actually really unrealistic. We may be making our resolutions all wrong. Below are 7 steps to help guide you to make a totally doable New Years Resolutions, and stick to it!

1. Set a Daily Intention

Setting daily intentions can be simple. Choose one thing you want to focus on, every day it will change. Your intention can be as simple as waking up 5 minutes early every morning to build up to the time you would like to wake up, to start going to the gym every morning. Deciding you are not going to let the kids or another family member get on your nerves today, or even deciding not to have lunch at your desk and take a walk during your lunch break. Making daily intentions help gain control over your life and your actions. Over time you will start to build up all these daily intentions, and they will create larger steps to change.

2. Tackle the Toughest Task on Your To-Do List

Analyze your To-Do list, figure out what the toughest thing on that list is. Completing that one take will have a self awarding feeling. A sense of feeling accomplished. It will no longer be hanging over your head, or dreading and stressing out to get it done.

3. Start a Deep Breathing Habit

Deep belly breathing sends a message to our brains to relax. Allowing ourselves to start a routine to acknowledge when we are stressed, and to take a moment to do a deep breathing exercise will help with the stress. Short shallow breathing keeps our bodies in the fight-or-flight mode or high stress. It’s simple to do, and you can do it anywhere. You simply just stop what you are doing, and focus your attention on your breath. Let all your air out and take a deep inhale, exhale, and then repeat.

4. Always take the long way

Park your car in the last spot, and walk the distance. Always opt for the stairs, and not the elevator. Get your body moving and your heart rate up as much as you can. When you increase your heart rate, it increases your metabolic rate. If you have goals of wanting to lose weight or starting a gym routine, this could be first step to reaching those goals. It’s the first step to getting into the habit of moving, which will encourage you to be more active in other areas of your life, too!

5. Apologize Authentically

Being able to admit if you were wrong, and being able to apologizing authentically will help with your mood. It does not matter if you get into an argument or fight with a family member, friend, or your significant other. Being able to accept what has been done and said, and being able to say sorry will help you feel more at peace. Doing this does not take any risk and very little time. Once you have accepted the situation, and apologized, you will be able to move forward. Holding grudges is like poison to the body, it will only hurt and affect you. Being able to say you are sorry and mean it, makes it easier to get back to a positive mood after going through something difficult.

6. Talk About One Thing Each Week That Went Well

We get too caught up in our own lives and the little things that go wrong from day to day. Naturally we do not focus on everything that is going right in our life. Talking about things that you accomplished or something that went well during your week, help with a self-awarding feeling. It helps remind us that we have achieved something or to remember our true potential. The impact we have on the world around us. So, call up your best-friend, your mom, your dad, or any loved one!

7. Make YOU Time

This has to be my personal favorite, and most valuable advice I have ever received. It is so easy to get caught up with work and all of life’s countless obligations. Spending 10 minutes of quality you-time could reset your mental health. Give yourself a moment of necessary quiet and alone time to decompress. Read a magazine, play with your pet, or even just sit in your car for 10 minutes. When you take time to do something for you, you will start to feel a sense of calm in what would have felt like a hectic day.


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