6 Common Decorating Mistakes

Decorating your home can be more difficult than it seems. Avoid these mistakes and your home is sure to look and feel great!

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Common Decorating Mistakes

1. Not Measuring

One of the most common mistakes in decorating is not measuring the dimensions of the room or the furniture. People assume that they can just rely on their eyes to get a general idea of the size of the home. More often then not, people with this attitude overestimate or underestimate, leaving them with either an abundance of space or a lack thereof.

2. Painting Before Choosing Furniture

Often times, the house will already have been painted, and then the homeowners go out and purchase new furniture in attempt to match the paint. This doesn’t work like they think it would. It is recommended that the homeowner decide on the fabrics and furniture they like first, and then choose the color of the room afterwards. You’ll have a lot less trouble trying to match the walls to the furniture.

3.  All Furniture Matching

There’s no question that the pieces of furniture in a room should correspond and compliment each other. However, people will often simply pick out all of their furniture from the same set, matching completely. This is the easiest way to make your room look dull and uninviting. Go to a few different stores and look at different sets of furniture and see if you can mix and match different styles and fabrics to create an overall more complete room.

4. Too Much Clutter

People often look to knick-knacks for decoration. In moderation, it’s perfectly fine and can make your home look cozy and inviting. However, an otherwise good-looking room can be ruined by having too many pointless decorations. Too many pillows, shelves, pictures, etc. in a room can easily make it look overly cluttered.

5. Decorating Rooms Separately

Your home should have some consistency from room to room. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get creative and try different styles in different rooms, but an overall theme is important to making a home look right and complete.

6. Neglecting Comfort

Sometimes, people will only care about appearance when buying furniture. Of course, looks are important, but comfort should come first. Make sure to actually try out the furniture for a few minutes to make sure it’s decently comfortable. Your furniture should be more than an eye-catching decoration. It should be a functional part of your home.

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