5 Plants For A Better Nights Rest

5 Plants For A Better Nights Rest


Having trouble sleeping at night? Or staying asleep? Sleep deprivation is a common health issue, and numerous of people spend tons of money to solve it.

Many people have tried their own remedies to get to sleep at night, from meditation and relaxation techniques, to banana teas. Some people go as far as, blaming their mattresses on their restless nights, and not their every day life surroundings. With all of the attempts in solving restless nights, very few succeed in it.

Yet, there is another way many people have not tried yet. Having plants in the bedroom has its benefits with aiding headache relief, reduce anxiety, improved mood, reduce stress, improve brain function, cold/illness prevention, better sleep, and better air quality. People are not aware that air quality greatly affects their sleep, and overall health. Numerous diseases and illnesses are caused by mold and airborne contaminants. Indoor places purify the air and treats some symptoms you have had from years before.

These are the top 5 plants you can have in the bedroom and can significantly change your sleep:

1.English Ivy Plantenglish-ivy-plantEnglish Ivy is an easy-to-grow plant, and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) listed it as one of the top 10 most powerful air-cleansing plant you can have in your home. This plant is helpful with people who suffer from asthma or other breathing issues. It reduces airborne mold up to 94%. Since  airborne contaminants are the main cause of asthma, allergies and other related breathing problems, the English Ivy helps with the quality of your sleep.

2. Lavender Plant


Many people have used lavender oil and know the benefits the oil has. But, not many people know the benefits of the plant itself. Lavender reduces stress, anxiety, improves sleep, treats slow heart rate, and can even help reduce the amount of crying from a baby.


3. Jasmine Plant


The Jasmine plant is apart of the olive family, believe it or not. This plant improves sleep quality and even boosts your productivity and alertness during the day. The fragrance of this plant helps lower stress and creates a sense of calmness.


4. Snake Plant


Snake Plants are a low maintenance plant that does not require a lot of light. This plant can tolerate low light, and can grow the fastest in  bright conditions. As long as, you water it every now and then, it is very hard to underwater this plant. With it’s low maintenance, it also filters oxygen and it is shown to treat respiratory issues, headaches and eye irrtations. It also helps boost productivity.

5. Aloe Vera Plants


This plant emits oxygen during the night, and helps treat insomnia while enhancing the quality of sleep. The aloe vera plant can easily be reproduced, so you can spread the plant around your home.


When the air in your home is more pure, the better sleep you will have at night. The healthier and more productive you will be during the day, as well.


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